Fees & Legal Aid Information
Privately funded clients

Mediation meetings 




Per person, per 90-minute meeting.

As a guide: property and financial matters usually require 4 follow up meetings and matters relating to arrangements regarding children, 2 meetings. 

Confirming MIAM attendance  
For court purposes
Other Fees

Preparation of open statement of financial information:

£65.00 per hour, per person

Preparation of parenting plan:

£65.00 per person

Preparation of memorandum of understanding:

£65.00 per hour, per person

Legally-aided clients


To check your eligibility, please press the button below to go through the official online calculator.



If the calculator suggests you are eligible for legally-aided family mediation, you can book your appointment on our booking page.

More information on the required evidence to make a claim for legal-aid.

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