Fees for privately funded mediation

Please note all Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) and mediation meetings take place via Zoom. We do not offer in-person mediation at present.

We ask that all clients check their entitlement to publicly funded family mediation before paying for private mediation. The calculator for Legal Aid can be found here. If the calculator suggests you are likely to be entitled to Legal Aid to fund Family Mediation and you wish to apply, more information can be found here. Unfortunately, we are not accepting new publicly funded clients, however in some circumstances we can offer a reduced fee if you are struggling financially. Please contact the office to discuss this further.


A new government initiative may be able to help you fund the costs of mediation sessions if your issue relates to children and finances, but not solely finances. You will still need to pay for your MIAM, as the voucher cannot be used against this cost, however applying for the voucher scheme can cover your mediation session costs up to £500. This is a one-off payment and cannot be applied for more than once per family. Please see here for more information about the scheme. The voucher scheme is subject to availability and cannot be redeemed against the cost of your MIAM or any documents that are prepared.

With Family Mediator Bath, the voucher scheme would cover you for three, 90-minute mediation meetings or six 45-minute meetings.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting
Per person
Confirming MIAM attendance  
For court purposes

Mediation meetings 




Per person, per 90-minute meeting.

As a guide: property and financial matters usually require 4 follow-up meetings and matters relating to arrangements regarding children, 2 meetings. 

Other Fees

Preparation of open statement of financial information:

£130 per person (flat rate fee)

Preparation of parenting plan:

£130 per person (flat rate fee)

Preparation of memorandum of understanding:

£130 per person (flat rate fee)