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On this page, you can view our next available appointments, book and pay for your MIAM and/or mediation meetings, and order and pay for your MIAM confirmation document (if mediation is not deemed a viable option for your situation).

Privately funded clients


Once you have booked your MIAM please download the Client Information Form from our 'Home' page and return a completed copy to or post it to 8 Havory, Bath, BA1 6RR (so it will arrive prior to your meeting).


Legal-aid clients


Once you have checked your eligibility using the calculator link on our 'Fees' page, please download from our 'Home' page the Legal Aid Form. You do not need to complete this, but familiarise yourself with the questions and information contained. Our mediator will complete this form with you at your MIAM. IMPORTANT: Prior to any MIAM booking please download the 'Legal Aid Evidence' document from our 'Home' page and ensure you scan and send copies of all the necessary evidence for your Legal Aid application to

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