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Not only does the mediation process cost a fraction of solicitor fees, but if you do want to begin court proceedings to settle separation/divorce matters, you will normally have to prove you have tried mediation.

"Unlike going to court or arbitration, family mediation recognises that you are the experts about your own family and leaves the decision-making to you.”  FMA

Family Mediator Bath understands that during times of family breakdown, when finances may be uncertain, finding an economical solution is beneficial for everyone involved.


The Money Advice Service (2017) outline that the average cost to negotiate a financial settlement, with a solicitor can "range from £2,000 to £3,000 for a negotiated financial settlement, up to £30,000 plus VAT or more for a financial application that goes all the way to a contested final court hearing. Costs will depend on whether you are trying to decide on care and support for your children, or to sort out your finances, or both. It will also depend on how much you and your ex-partner can agree between you and how complicated your circumstances are. ”

To find out more about the mediation process, please visit the Family Mediation Council's website:


Solicitor fees relating to divorce: “Total costs range from £2,000 to £3,000 for a negotiated financial settlement, up to £30,000 plus VAT...” The Money Advice Service


We specialise in helping families work together to move forward.

Whether you have been married, in a common-law relationship or civil partnership and you need to settle financial matters, child arrangements or property matters relating to a separation or divorce; if you are grandparents seeking access to your grandchildren or a parent having a financial dispute with an adult child, mediation could be right for you. We can help with many situations relating to family breakdown.


We recognise you are the experts in your situation and we work with you to put arrangements in place that work for both parties to help your family adapt to your new situation as seamless as possible.


Book your Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting today, to find out whether mediation would be the right step for your situation.